Premier Health Products Review - Massage Chair Testimonials:

I would like to commend one of the employees, Sally Fill, in your company for the quality and speed of her helpfulness. She has not only been polite and friendly but her manner of speaking has been clear and all her advice has been useful. That's rare for a customer support person nowadays. There should be more people like her dealing with the public who are exposed to a service industry that has deteriorated substantially over the past couple of decades. Congratulations Sally. You're terrific and your company should know it!
Arnold Rapps

Very pleased with virtually all aspects of the chair
Joe Hodgson

I am completely satisfied to date with my chair. It is truly a stress reducer and very therapeutic to my back injury. My
chiropractor recommends it am and pm daily. I try my hardest to do that schedule.
Tina Pessina

The chair is wonderful! Much better than I anticipated. The strength and the varieity of the massage options are fantastic. This chair is beginning to loosen tight areas in my back that have bothered me for years. I love the feel of the chair and its appearance. Fits right in with the decor in our living room. Many have commented on how surprised they were at how much of the back (neck to tailbone) were covered by the chair.
Dana Hawkes

The PHP-2026 chair was everything you promised. We had several email exchanges and a phone call before I purchased the chair, and you never dodged a question or said the chair had features that it didn't. After one use, my (skeptical) wife's comments were "amazing", "incredible" and "unbelievable." I am 6'4" tall and 230 lbs. and the rollers reach all the way to the base of my skull with room to spare and are so powerful they can lift me right up. The chair is so quiet I can easily listen to music while it works and it is amazing how it can do several things all at once (rolling, tapping, kneading and vibrating). I had tried 8 other chairs (including $5,000 and $6,000 HT and Panasonic chairs (from RTB and SI) and the 2026 is a better chair than any of them in terms of massage quality, appearance and especially price.
Don Tallman

This has been a great investment. I travel to Japan often and they have massage chairs in Airports (where I got hooked)and Department stores. I was impressed with the craftmanship of your chair, the length of the warranty and the modular construction that would allow easy repair if and when that time comes. It seems to be the answer for my lower back pain and when my wife was recovering from surgery it was actually the only place she was comfortable for several days. We both use it several times a day each and when my sons come home from college they are glued to it.
Richard D. Ball

I ordered two chairs for our aging parents. They are so impressed with the chair's ability to completely relax them and provide comfort for the daily aches and pains most older people experience. Our extended family and friends that have tried the chair are putting it on their wish list for Christmas. They feel it is better than the massage at
their favorite spa.
Bonnie Jo Statler

My husband is a long haul truck driver, He loves it. After driving for days he sits in the chair until he falls asleep. The best present I could give him.
Cindy Schrader


After careful consideration of competing brands I sure am happy that I purchased my premier unit. Your service was beyond expectation as my chair arrived at my door in five days from order ,fully assembled and ready to go. The removable arm rests are a great feature and enabled me to just remove the arms in my driveway and roll the unit into my rec room. So far all my friends that have used it are greatly impressed and are contacting you with their order .My sister in law had given me a vibrating chair insert for a gift and has taken it back to the store for refund. You will see her order for a chair soon. Thanks for Great quality ,fast service and making us feel like new people .
John Stultz