Premier Health PHP2030 Deluxe Massage Chair

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The Perfect Massage Chair At The Perfect Price.
Premier has been working with professional massage therapists for almost a decade to produce the most realistic massage chairs on earth. Now with the release of NEW PHP-2030 we've reached this goal and taken it a few steps further! By accurately emulating the hand movements used by professional therapists, Premier has created a chair that provides all of the benefits of human massage therapy, without the hourly rates and scheduling difficulties. But how many massage therapists can massage your back, seat, calves and feet all at the same time? The PHP-2030 can and much, much more!

Massage Technology            PHP-2030 Massage Chair Kneading

  • 3D Electronic Body Scanning™ 
  • 12 whisper quiet motors for strength and durability
  • Heat and Vibration
  • 9 automatic programs and 5 manual functions
  • 6 Intensity settings
  • Music synchronization with removable speakers
  • Back light remote

Back Massage

  • 30 inch stroke length
  • 4 body conforming back rollers
  • Adjustable width
  • Triple action rolling, tapping, kneading (available simultaneously)
  • Reversible kneading
  • 6 intensity settings and 2 removable pads for maximum adjustabilityPHP2030 massage chair tapping
  • One touch automatic recline and return back rest
  • Specialty neck cut out for improved shoulder and neck massage

Leg and Foot Massage

  • 3 sided mechanical foot massage with adjustable intensity
  • Simultaneous foot and calf massage
  • Length adjustment for improved fit


  • Acupressure Air Massage
  • Great for sciatic region


  • 5 Year warranty (parts and labor)

premier massage chairsFunctional and Style
The PHP-2030 is designed as a true therapy chair that will deliver a top quality massage for years, but we also wanted it to look as good as it feels. Not only did we add rich wood trim, but each chair also comes with arm rest covers for those who prefer a more traditional look. And because the PHP-2030 doubles as a piece of furniture, we cover the sides and back rest with synthetic leather so it doesn't look like an appliance like many of our competitors plastic chairs.

The PHP-2030 with Exclusive 3D Body Scanning™
Every person's body is unique. Massage Therapists know that, and your massage chair should know that too. That's why Premier designed the PHP-2030 Deluxe Massage Chair with 3D Electronic Body Scanning™ technology.

The Culmination of Years of Research PHP-2030 massage chair body scan
3D Body Scanning™ is a highly advanced body mapping system that allows the PHP-2030 Deluxe Massage Chair to sense the contours of your body. The software on the PHP-2030 measures the dimensions of your body to determine where your shoulders end and your neck begins. This same technology also allows the PHP-2030 to track the major muscle groups in your back, and even locate acupressure points on your body.

Multiple Simultaneous Massage Techniques
The PHP-2030 Deluxe Massage Chair can perform rolling, tapping and kneading functions simultaneously. Most massage chairs on the market today can only perform one or two of these functions at a time. Even a massage therapist can't provide such comprehensive and complex massage movements. After all, they've only got two hands!

Most Comprehensive Massage Available
The PHP-2030's high technology and attention to detail doesn't stop at the hips. The PHP-2030 Deluxe Massage Chair uses the same high-quality mechanical parts in their calf massage, providing you with the best calf massage of any chair available today. Many companies try to save on manufacturing costs by using inexpensive, ineffective, and noisy air massage systems for their foot components. The air bags used in this type of massage are not capable of delivering the high-intensity kneading and rolling action that the soles and sides of you feet need! Our Premier massage chairs, on the other hand, are made with whisper quiet, mechanical components. They are designed to stimulate you acupressure points dissolving away the aches and pains of your day.

new massage chairIndustry Leading Warranty
Every PHP-2030 Deluxe Massage Chair is backed by a Five Year Warranty, the best in the industry. Premier uses only the highest quality components when making their chairs, from their durable solid rubber rollers, to their maintenance-free leatherette upholstery. Each chair is designed to provide years of service, and Premier proudly stands behind their craftsmanship.

Find out for yourself why our PHP-2030 truly is The Deluxe Massage Chair!

Take Advantage of our 30 Day Trial Period and purchase the PHP-2030 today! 

Retail price of the Premier Health Products PHP-2030 Deluxe Massage Chair is $3,995.00.