Regular massage improves circulation, which increases blood flow, bringing fresh oxygen to body tissues. This can assist in the elimination of waste products, speed healing after injury, enhance recovery from disease, reduce soreness, and help alleviate pain.

Routine massage therapy with a massage recliner has been recognized as a simple way to maintain both good health and mental happiness. Shiatsu massage chairs encompass a great deal more than the simple practice of Shiatsu massage. The theory of Shiatsu deems a proactive approach to health and wellness. Rather than the Western method of seeing a physician after you become ill, Shiatsu practices active steps to ensure you don’t become ill to begin with.

Proactive healthiness can be as simple as 15 minutes every other day in one of our massage recliners, and it makes you feel great!

Tens of thousands of people already know how important their massage chairs are to them. We think you will too.


PHP2030 Deluxe Massage Chair
The PHP-2030 is designed as a true therapy chair that will deliver a top quality massage for years, but we also wanted it to look as good as it feels.

MSRP $3,995.00

PHP-2022 Zero Gravity Massage Chair
This Anti Gravity Massage Chair is all new for 2008 PACKED with newly designed features! Stroke length of 27", Massage Strength - 9, Zero Gravity and Inversion Therapy

MSRP $2,595.00

Premier EP30005 Ultra Deep
Over 1100 massage modes, voice guided, multi-programable, 296 square inches of massage coverage This is the newest and hottest massage chair on the market today.

MSRP $4,799.95