Check out Premier Health Products in the news. Below are press releases for new products, and PHP's new expansion into the European market.

June 27, 2007
Premier Health Products Article

January 10, 2006
Introducting the PHP 2025

March 6, 2006
PHP Expands to the European Market


At Premier Health Products we take pride in the services we offer. Selling massage chairs is all we do-and we do it well. Our success comes from a genuine belief in the product we sell. Premier Health Products was founded over 9 years ago by a massage chair enthusiast. From that very starting point, a vision was set-introduce quality, industry-leading massage chairs at a price affordable for everyone.

By minimizing overhead costs, Premier Health Products is able to fulfill our mission and for over 9 years, customers from all different types of backgrounds and situations have been able to purchase a powerful therapeutic massage chair. We choose to produce only the “real deal” types of massage chairs, designed to accommodate various types of back problems, body types and decorating concerns-all while fashioned with the most cutting-edge massage technology.

The comfort offered by a Premier Health Products massage recliner has the ability to drastically change the quality of life for many individuals. A massage chair designed like the PHP-2030 and the PHP-2022 offers therapy on such an elevated level that the increase in flexibility, comfort and pain relief is well worth the financial investment.

At Premier Health Products we understand this value and have coupled our powerful massage chairs with superior warranties, unmatched by any other massage brand. We also offer a generous return policy to insure our customers are left satisfied. For all these reasons, Premier Health Products has emerged as a leading brand in the industry focused on longevity and customer satisfaction.